We believe the current legal model is outdated and our vision is completely different to the “old paradigm”. We’re not your typical Law Firm.

We Don’t Do This

  • Send large bills that you’re not expecting
  • Have fancy offices (guess what, you end up paying for that view)
  • Add all those extra annoying charges like photocopying, faxing, printing and telephone charges
  • Give you false expectations of winning claims
  • Get involved with family law, crime or conveyancing – but have some good colleagues who we can refer you to.

We Do This

  • Provide open, honest and transparent legal advice
  • Fixed-fee costing whenever possible
  • Become a trusted adviser who will support you in growing your business
  • Talk to you in plain-English and share extensive knowledge, resources and information through Law in a Box
  • Offer tailored membership packages through Legal Shield giving you the protection you need at a price you can afford, payable in monthly instalments
  • Understand what it’s like to be a small-business owner or start-up entrepreneur, and can relate to your unique challenges
  • Work with you to achieve your desired objectives

It’s still law. It’s just delivered differently.
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  • Catalina Lopera, Event Expert

    Catalina’s focus is on helping entrepreneurs connect with their audiences through online and live events that she designs and manages. To her, the most important thing we need to cultivate in life and business is connection.

    " I’ve lived in 5 different countries which has given me a unique accent which is a mix of Spanish, American English, German and French - all now with an Aussie twang!"
  • Ian Aldridge, Founder and Principal Lawyer

    Increasingly concerned about how little protection many start ups have, but also increasingly dissatisfied with traditional legal models being based purely on billable hours, Ian’s on a mission to disrupt, challenge and shake up industry.

    "Once clocked 136 km/hour on skis in Austria just for fun."
  • Caroline Leppers, Systems, Technology and Digital Guru

    Caroline has built a systems and technology company focussed around helping small businesses to work smarter and streamline their businesses through automation.

    "My favourite snack is corn chips - straight from the freezer!"
  • Kerry Dover, Marketing Strategist

    With storytelling and client experience at the heart of everything she does, Kerry thrives on helping entrepreneurs and disruptive go-getters align with their clients’ needs.

    "I appeared on the Christmas special of ‘Changing Rooms’"
  • Clare Mould, Senior Lawyer

    Clare is passionate about helping entrepreneurs. She speaks their language and it’s her mission to provide them with legal advice that’s on point, uncomplicated and easy to follow.

    "While some people get grumpy when they’re tired, I laugh uncontrollably!"
  • Carla Vinciullo, Special Counsel

    Carla is a highly experienced workplace relations lawyer and advocate with over ten years experience.

    "I made the third round of Masterchef in its inaugural year …. But dropped out because I was too busy at work!"
  • Alison Balch, Marketing Partner

    As the Director and Owner of Ampersand Marketing Communications, Ali’s expertise is focused heavily on business development and strategic marketing. Both a client and our marketing partner, Ali and her talented team of creative marketeers, web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists deliver end-to-end solutions for a range of clients across Australia and overseas.

    "I was a national figure skating champion when I was 12. So am I a perfectionist? You bet!"
  • Alex Beagley, Lawyer

    With extensive experience in commercial and contracts law, Alex enjoys helping busy entrepreneurs protect their legal interests by giving them easy to understand and transparent legal advice.

    "Coming soon!"
  • Helle Dyrendahl, Personal Assistant

    Coming soon!

    "Coming soon!"


We champion start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners, but do not discriminate against industry or profession.

Our entire mission is built around making sure you can access proper legal protection for your business without being restricted by time, money or resources. You have an important job to do – forging a place in the world, driving innovation and disrupting the status quo, and you should not be held back. It’s why we have rewritten the rule book when it comes to legal services to offer packages to suit you and your business whatever shape or form it takes.

From Law in a Box , our revolutionary online portal giving you 24/7 access to information and resources, to the ground-breaking Legal Shield membership options, providing on-demand access to a lawyer along with Tailored Legal Documents to protect your ‘blood, sweat and tears’.

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Ian & the Progressive Legal team are unbeatable when it comes to getting the legalities of entrepreneurs and business owners sorted. His flat rate and easy to understand services means you never have to worry again about how much your next phone call with your lawyer is going to cost you. A truly refreshing approach to corporate law! Well done!

– James Banks | Co-founder at Web3

The team is entrepreneur specific, more able to advise me on my business. They have saved me time and money, plus allowed me to focus on doing what I do best

Rachael Sheldrick – The Workshop Whisperer

Amazing service – quick, knowledgeable and so easy to communicate. They’ve given me the confidence to transact and really clarified what I can do legally. The education has been great

Laura Huxley, Speakers Little Secret

I didn’t know what my legal responsibilities were and the steps that I can take legally. The team guided me through the things I needed to do – prevention rather than cure! Easy communication and straight-forward advice

Luke Moroney, First Time Property Investing

I approached Progressive Legal at the birth of my business to help with the set up and I was overwhelmed with the amount of support I received. Ian and the progressive legal team have been repressing myself and my business for the last year and it has been a lifesaver having all of my legal representation under one roof. The biggest result we have seen from the team is the amount of emotional stress that has been elevated and we could not have completed the first year of business without them.

Louisa Nicola, The Diamond Boss

Progressive Legal provides an amazing, cost effective service for entrepreneurs, at a time when they need it most. Too often entrepreneurs and small business owners are going without legal advice, or opting for below par, template based services. The Progressive Legal team are highly competent, dedicated to supporting their clients, fabulous to deal with and - most importantly - I know my business is safe in their hands.

Kathryn Kavanagh, Momentum Labs

I have utilised Ian’s legal services right from the beginning of my ventures. Ian provides exceptional legal counsel and responds quickly and sharply to eliminate legal issues which arise and potential legal issues in the future. I highly recommend Ian to anyone seeking not just a legal expert, but someone who goes that extra step further to ensure that you and your business are legally compliant.

Maxim Thomas | Founder and CEO at Meravi

Getting the contract today, working through it and seeing how solid it was, was amazing. I’m very happy with your service. I can see that you have really seen a lack in how startups and independent business are taken care of, and provided an excellent and very heartfelt solution.

Melody Jarvis | Director at Shop My Town