Why trade marks & IP are the protection every business owner should have.
There’s a shift happening in today’s modern world. Businesses are moving from assets and products to ideas and knowledge. Think about it – one of the world’s largest transport companies, owns no actual vehicles. Intellectual Property is about the ideas you create, your brand, content, trademarks or designs. Without their IP, many of the world’s biggest brands wouldn’t be where they are today.

More than just registering a business name or securing a web domain, a trademark will ensure that your brand is protected, so that it can grow and thrive, your ideas and brand are what makes your business so unique. Your logo, tagline, product name and even brand colour palette all are elements of your business that can possibly be trademarked.

Whether you’re looking to apply for a trademark or IP rights in Australia or overseas, our team of qualified Commercial Lawyers have years of experience helping businesses like yours with all their trademark needs. We’ll make the application process as easy as possible for you and can even help in other areas of your business such a contracts, workplace and commercial dispute resolution.



The Bite Size Guide to Trademarks & IP in Australia

Over the years, we’ve answered a lot of questions from business owners like you about what exactly Intellectual Property and trademarks are, and how it applies to their business. So we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions into one easy to understand resource for you!

This free guide will:

Explore what can (and should) be trade marked
Explain the different classes of trade marks
Define the differences between trade marks and Intellectual Property
Identify any gaps in IP protection you may have in your business
and more…

Best of all, this resource is absolutely free for you to access – just pop your details in below and we’ll get it delivered to your inbox in no time at all!

Trade Mark Bite Size Guide ebook


After having multiple lawyers for multiple business needs, Grace Lever was relieved to find Progressive Legal – a law firm who understands this new age digital landscape and had the services to cover everything her million dollar business needed.


“I engaged Progressive Legal to undertake the trademark process for my business, Ampersand MC, after a legal strategy session with Clare identified a vulnerability in that area that I hadn’t been aware of.

Clare was fantastic throughout the process, explaining each step and the associated costs, so I was prepared for fees with plenty of notice. She really took the time to understand my business and explain why the trademark was important, managing everything from the Head Start submission to the actual registration.

It was the first part of my Legal Shield journey, so rather than having a significant cost upfront, I was able to spread the payments out over 12 months – which was really helpful for cash flow!”


“Ian and his team have been invaluable in assisting me with various legal disputes with bad debtors, my trade mark applications, amending my terms and conditions to cover me specifically for our business and his Legal Shield package allows me to have his guidance and advice on-tap for legal issues that constantly arise in my business and budget for these costs. He’s effectively my in-house lawyer and go-to guy for tricky legal situations. I trust him with my business and highly recommend you do as well.”

Sabrina Jacquier Parr KEEKO OIL

“Getting the businesses legal requirements in order and knowing my company was protected was not only necessary, but a complete no brainer! What I needed was a team that understood the challenges of a small entrepreneur and could advise me simply and in language I could understand, everything I needed from privacy policies and trademarks to insurance and supplier agreements.

Their Legal Shield payment plan allowed me to get everything I needed up front for a very reasonable fixed fee paid over 12 months allowing me to better manage my start up cash flow. Having dealt with lawyers previously both on a professional and personal level I found Progressive Legal’s approach a breath of fresh air. I feel 100% supported and protected knowing that I have a crack team behind me should I ever require legal advice and support as I take the business from start up to world player.”

Want to find how Progressive Legal can help your business?

Our lawyers specialise in business law, so whether you want to get your trade marks in order or need help in other areas such as  contracts, workplace law, dispute resolution, we can help. Book in a  strategy session through the link below and let’s chat!